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Orchard groups, produce and services in the South West.



Until recently, most farms in Cornwall would have had a mixed orchard of apple, cider apple, pear, plum, quince and medlar trees, protected by hedges where lambing could take place and bees could be kept. Cherries were grown in the Tamar valley and in the south east. In West Cornwall special varieties of apples were grown for pickling.

There are quite a number of Cornish varieties which do well in the mild, moist climate of the south west, such as Cornish Aromatic, Cornish Gilliflower, Cornish Honeypin and King Byerd. These tend to be found around the Lizard, Hayle, the Lerryn, St Veep to Goland region and the Tamar valley.

Cherries were grown in the lower Tamar valley for fresh fruit shipped away via the river then by train and for jam making at Saltash. They looked so beautiful at blossom time that special boat trips were arranged. This industry declined after WWl and now few trees remain. Varieties such as Burcombes and Birchenhayes were named after the farms where they were first grown – varieties which are resistant to bacterial canker, the cherry’s bane. One of the few remaining cherry orchards in the Tamar Valley can be seen at Bohetherick.

However there are concerted attempts to bring back these unique varieties to the valley. For many years James Evans and Mary Martin have been collecting grafts of local varieties of apples and cherries and growing them in their own orchard. Many of these have now gone to other collections in Cornwall such as Trelissick Gardens and at Cotehele.

Kea plums from Cowlands are used in jam, ice cream and wine production.

Corwall orchard groups

To find community orchards local to you, see our community orchard map

  • Plymouth Community Orchards Network is a partnership of organisations working together for the conservation and management of community orchards in the City of Plymouth. Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Community Homes, along with other organisations, have been planting orchards around the city to try to halt further decline in orchards, increase biodiversity and connect people with growing food in their local area. Communities, Schools and Friends Groups have also been getting involved. Contact:

  • Resilient Orchards Cornwall – Community Interest Company to encourage and support the set up of more community orchards, spread orchard related skills and generally improve the orchard network and orchard growing knowledge in the area.

Where to buy trees in Cornwall


Orchard services and produce in Cornwall

  • Cornish Orchards – Produce wide range of cider and fresh pressed apple juices and cider. Westnorth Manor Farm, Duloe, Liskeard PL14 4PW. 01503 263373

  • Haye Farm Cider – Cider has been made on the farm since the thirteenth century using only apples from the farm and neighbouring orchards. They have over 40 different types of apple, some of which are particular to Haye Farm itself. Sold locally, in London and online. Haye Farm, St Veep, Lostwithiel PL22 0PB. 01208 872250

  • Helford Creek Apple Juice – produced on the Lizard Peninsula and sold locally in shops and online. Also make cyder. Helford Creek, Helston. 01326 231341

  • Spotty Dog Cider –  small craft cider producer using  local apples. Killibury, Egloshayle, Wadebridge, Cornwall, PL27 6EL. 01208 812722

  • St Ives Cider – produce 3 apple ciders and a pear cider. Available through local outlets and online.

  • Touchwood Cider – Touchwood Cider. St Agnes, Cornwall. Trad Cornish Apple trees made into Cider on farm using traditional techniques. Won gold medal at the Royal Cornwall show, and are CAMRA area champion for Devon & Cornwall.


Other links

  • Cornwall Gardens Trust –  James’ and Mary’s Collection of Apples and Cherries by James Evans and Mary Martin

  • Trelissick garden – The new orchard was planted 20 years ago to replicate the original Trelissick Orchard. There are over 70 varieties of old Cornish apples.

  • Cotehele House & Gardens – has 120 varieties of Tamar Valley apples in the Mother Orchard.



‘The Changing Face of Devon’ (1979) showed that more than 6,000 acres of orchards had been lost since 1905. The loss of commercial orchards continues, but in parts of Devon, traditional farm orchards (mainly cider orchards) are being saved and re-planted. These orchards are of tall, well-spaced trees and grazed underneath by sheep or cattle with varieties with wonderful names such as Slack Ma Girdle, Fair Maid of Devon, Spicey Pippin, Tremlett’s Bitter and Whimple Queen.

The parish of Landkey in north Devon has been reviving a part of its heritage. The mazzard, a type of cherry peculiar to the west country, and probably introduced by the Huguenots during the c18, was once the focus of a thriving market industry. The mazzard was in danger of becoming extinct. Until world war two, Mazzard Greens, as the orchards are known, covered 100 acres around Landkey with varieties such as Dun, Bottlers and Green Stem Black. The trees often reached 50 feet. The fruits are smaller than most cherries, but they are sweet and delicious, and the trees are resistant to bacterial canker. Orchards Live has been helping the villagers of Landkey to create a Mazzard Green comprising five varieties of Mazzards and 3 local apple varieties – Listener, Limberland and Stockbearer – 65 trees in total. 

The Plymouth Pear is a rare wild pear, a species of national importance, growing wild in a handful of hedgerows in Plymouth and Truro. It has been included on Natural England’s Species Recovery Programme and has been given legal protection under Schedule 8 of the Wildlife and Countryside Act of 1981.

The Dittisham Plowman or the Ditsum Plum as it is known locally, is a plum variety grown around the village of Dittisham in South Devon. It ripens in July and August and is used for eating, cooking and especially jam making.

Devon orchard groups

To find community orchards local to you, see our community orchard map

  • Growing Orchard Communities – South Devon AONB working with Orchard Link on a new community orchards project. Over 20 community orchard groups are taking part, from the edge of Plymouth right over through Torbay and from the coast up to the edge of Dartmoor. There is a great range of sites and groups, which means that there will be plenty of expertise and shared experience to draw upon and learn from. This project will run from the launch in November 2015 to the final celebration event in June 2017. The main period of engagement for community orchard groups will be Jan 2016 – March 2017.

  • Orchard Link – Saving Traditional Orchards since 1998. Orchard Link is a volunteer-run, not-for-profit organisation established in 1998 by apple and cider enthusiasts in south Devon concerned about the rapid decline of traditional orchards – with all their environmental and cultural value. Profound changes in the local agricultural economy have meant the loss of both orchard knowledge and the means to make productive use of crops. Orchard Link offers its members technical advice, a programme of events, courses and activities, and makes key items of equipment – mills, presses and pasteurisers – available for hire.

  • Orchards Live – set up to save orchards in North Devon and wider Exmoor. The group runs courses, talks and visits so that in a two year cycle all aspects of ‘standard’ orchard management are covered. The group has run training events on all aspects of orchard restoration, establishment, management and production and have been involved in establishing an annual Apple Day at Rosemoor (with RHS) and Apple Fair at South Molton. They organise informal walks, social events and networking opportunities. They have been active in locating old fruit varieties for propagation and are developing as the county-wide source of technical information and Devon’s Pomona listing all locally-grown apple varieties. The group has acquired cider and juice making kit and other equipment for members to use. They are looking at ways to ensure that orchard products find markets and are used well and are working with other bodies in the region to encourage orchards.

  • Plymouth Community Orchards Network is a partnership of organisations working together for the conservation and management of community orchards in the City of Plymouth. Plymouth City Council and Plymouth Community Homes, along with other organisations, have been planting orchards around the city to try to halt further decline in orchards, increase biodiversity and connect people with growing food in their local area. Communities, Schools and Friends Groups have also been getting involved. Contact:

  • Tavy & Tamar Apple Group – the Group is based on the Bere Peninsula in West Devon and is mainly concerned with orchards on the Peninsula. They encourage the rejuvenation of local orchards through best practice and sustainable management. They hold an annual wassailing event, pruning and grafting courses, members days and an annual Apple Fest in October. They also hire out apple pressing and crushing equipment to members (who are trained in its use) This includes a mobile hydraulic Vigo Press, crushers and pasteurisers etc.


Where to buy trees in Devon

  • Adams’s Apples: Talaton Plants have over 100 varieties of apple trees, that can been sent out mail order. Also plums, gages, damsons, pears and cherries. Varieties include Cornish and Devon apples. Egremont Barn, Payhembury, Honiton EX14 3JA. 01404 823185

  • Cider Apple Trees – Over 130 varieties of cider apple trees available and 60 eating and culinary varieties. Also plums, pears and damsons. Specialise in supplying standard apple trees.  Call Sarah Whittick on 07765 771184 or email

Orchard services and produce in Devon

  • Ashridge Cider – produce sparkling ciders – Vintage and Devon Blush – using the traditional champagne method. Also produce some bottled bottled organic vintage ciders made from 100% apple juice, using up to fifteen different varieties of bittersweet and bittersharp cider apples from old organic orchards in Devon. Draught cider (Bag in Box) and organic sparkling soft drinks also available. Online shop.

  • Barnstaple Panniers Market – Francis Hancock sells varieties apples on Fridays at the market from August to Spring. He grows 40 varieties of apples (mostly dessert and culinary) on his farm at Harford Barton plus pears, plums, damsons and mazzards.

  • Bramley & Gage – have created liqueurs from Dittisham plums, Bramley apples and quince. Other fruit liqueurs include damson gin, sloe gin and Slider – in which the sloes used in sloe gin are reserved and infused with Devon cider. Widely available in farm shops, delicatessens, and restaurants. Also online.

  • Ye Olde Cider Bar, 99 East Street, Newton Abbot – one of few remaining cider houses in the UK.

  • Dittisham Post Office  – sells Dittisham plums direct when they are ripe in August.

  • Four Elms Fruit Farm – produce apple juice. Juice and fruit available from farm shop and juice available in local shops.

  • Hancock’s Devon Cider – traditionally produced cider.  Clapworthy Mill, South Moulton EX36 4HU. 01769 572678

  • Heron Valley – Cider and apple juice, unsprayed and organic. New orchards feature some of the oldest heritage apple varieties from the West country.  Sells apple and pear, and apple and orange juice etc. Wide variety of juices. Available online. Heron Valley Cider, Crannacombe Farm, Loddiswell, Kingsbridge 01548 550286

  • Luscombe Juice & Cider – pure organic Devon apple juice and cider. Wide range of juices and soft drinks. Luscombe Farm, Buckfastleigh, South Devon TQll OLP 01364 643036

  • Lyme Bay Winery – Fruit and country wines, meads, ciders and liqueurs including damson and sloe gin. Widely available, also Winery shop and online. Shute, Axminster, Devon EX13 7PW, 01297 551355

  • Ostler’s Cider Mill produce cloudy apple cider vinegar and scrumpy cider using apples from own organic orchard. Eastacott Lane, Northleigh Hill, Goodleigh, Barnstaple 01271 321241

  • Pressfruit Presses - Fruit presses in all sizes and types for cider, wine, or juicing. Manual and electric mills. Based in Winkleigh. Call Toby on 01837 83892 or email

  • Sam’s Cider – range of ciders available online. Western Barn, Hatherleigh Road, Winkleigh EX19 8AP 0183 783560

  • Yarde Cider – Real Drink Ltd – produce cider and juices from apples picked in local orchards which are managed traditionally and all the apples used are free from any chemical sprays or fertilisers.

  • Yearlstone Vineyard – produce range of white, rose and red wines and some cider. The vineyard was planted in 1976 by the pioneering viticulturalist Gillian Pearkes. There is a mature orchard with many apple trees, harvested to produce their own cider, sold in the vineyard shop and café. Wide range of local stockists for the wine and available online. Bickleigh EX16 8RL



In the latter half of the 20th century many orchards were lost, as were many Dorset varieties. Symondsbury Apple Project, with the help of writer James Crowden and pomologist Liz Copas have been researching orchards in Dorset, dispelling the myth that the county does not have a significant orchard heritage. By studying tithe maps and researching varieties, they found that many orchards were located in West Dorset, North Dorset, around Gillingham, Shaftesbury, Child Okeford and the Piddle Valley.

Dorset orchard groups

To find community orchards local to you, see our community orchard map

This gazeteer is regularly updated. This section currently has no listings, please contact us if you have information to add.


Where to buy trees in Dorset

  • Cider Apple Trees – Over 130 varieties of cider apple trees available and 60 eating and culinary varieties. Also plums, pears and damsons. Specialise in supplying standard apple trees.  Call Sarah Whittick on 07765 771184 or email


Orchard services and produce in Dorset

  • Crabbs Bluntshay Farm Cider produced from apples on the farm. Sold from farm gate. 01297 489064

  • Dorset Orchards cider – Palmers Brewery in Bridport has launched a cider company called Dorset Orchards that makes the most of the traditional varieties of cider apples grown in the county. Dorset Orchards uses only Dorset-grown apples to produce a range of premium keg and bag-in-box ciders.

  • The Purbeck Cider Company has an orchard of some traditional cider apple varieties including Dorset’s Woodbine and Slack-ma-girdle. Produce ciders including a single variety cider and apple juice.

  • Mill House Cider Museum – Visit the forty or fifty 18th & 19th century cider mills, some of which have been restored to working condition and buy cider and other products from the shop. Owermoigne, DT2 8HZ. 01305 852220

  • Thyme After Thyme – Pickles, chutneys, jams. Apples are sourced locally whenever possible, and also produce special seasonal products using only Dorset ingredients.


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“75% of Gloucestershire’s orchards have been lost in the last 50 years, mainly through agricultural changes, foreign competition and supermarket pressures. Despite this decline, Gloucestershire still has areas where orchards form strong traditional landscape character. The Berkeley Vale and Dymock areas contain a noticeable number of orchards with many local varieties … There are 157 recorded Gloucestershire apple varieties of which only 86 are still known to be in existence. There are also dozens of varieties of pear local to the county. Many of the varieties have names that reflect their origins within the county such as Chaxhill Red, Arlington Pippin, Severnbank, Gillyflower of Gloucester and Blakeney Red, a perry pear”.

Gloucestershire County Council.

Since the mid-1990s years Gloucestershire County Council has offered grants for orchard restoration and has supported the planting of over 2,500 fruit trees. They have also been developing a six hectare orchard of Gloucestershire varieties of apple, perry pears and other fruit at the Ebworth Centre, National Trust land between Stroud and Birdlip. Ebworth will also act as a future Orchard Interpretation Centre, a gene bank and place where grafts of the lesser known local varieties can be obtained.

The poet Leonard Clark described his memories of Gloucestershire orchards in ‘Apple Trees’.

The plum and perry pear orchards on both sides of the Severn south of Gloucester, around Waterend, Elton, Bollow and Chexhill are beautiful at blossom-time in early April.

The Orchard Pig or Gloucester Old Spot was traditionally raised on windfall apples and whey in the Severn Valley, where it originated. Contact the Gloucester Old Spots Pig Breeders’ Club, Richard Lutwyche, secretary 01285 860229.

Perry is made from pear juice and is an alcholic drink which has been made for thousands of years. It reached its height of popularity in England between the mid 17th and mid 18th century aided by the difficulties of importing wine from France. Single pear perries are customary owing to problems in blending. Small and unpalatable, perry fruits generally make a lighter and more delicate drink than cider and at its best, perry is a rival to wine. Not before time, perry production is undergowing a revival in the region, both commercially and on a domestic scale. Regional perry pear varieties have been planted at the Three Counties Showground in Malvern. Four old perry pears have recently been found by expert Charles Martell – Hellens Green, Walter Lugg, Stony Way and Fords Green Huffcap and will be added to the collection.

With huge majestic trees which can last for three centuries, perry pears are wonderful monuments in the landscape around Newent and Dymock – but as part of the farmed landscape they are fast disappearing. This is to be deplored. Local perry makers reckon that perry pear trees grow best in the red sandstone soils found on the Herefordshire-Gloucestershire border, within sight of May Hill. Gloucestershire pears are a muddle of local names that change from place to place – the county is said to be home to some 100 perry pear varieties known by well over 200 different names, some of which hint at the effects of consumption: Bloody Bastard, Merrylegs and Lightning Pear (reputed to go straight through).

Gloucestershire orchard groups

To find community orchards local to you, see our community orchard map

  • Gloucestershire Orchard Trust – was originally formed as an independent association in 2001 and it is now a registered charity, no. 1137917. It aims to conserve, promote and celebrate traditional orchards in the county of Gloucestershire. They offer information on creating or restoring traditional orchards, Gloucestershire fruit varieties, nurseries, and events run by the Trust. The Gloucestershire Orchard Trust provides a comprehensive list of Community orchards in the area

  • National Perry Pear Centre – Hartpury Heritage Trust – A national collection of Perry Pears registered with NCCPG has been planted in Hartpury and an Orchard Centre built there offering training in the production of perry and cider.

  • Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project – The Three Counties Traditional Orchard Project (no longer active) was a Lottery funded project to restore 25 traditional orchards in key orchard areas in Gloucestershire, Herefordshire and Worcestershire. Local people and owners were engaged to ensure that the skills and knowledge stayed in the community. Work was carried out on: Gorsley, Kilcot and Longney in Gloucestershire; Whitbourne, Breinton and Ross on Wye in Herefordshire; and Rochford & Tenbury, Evesham, Pershore and Alfrick in Worcestershire.

  • Three Counties Cider and Perry Association – The Three Counties Cider and Perry Association is the organisation which represents, supports and promotes the interests of craft scale cider and perry producers, primarily based in the Three Counties region of the UK (Herefordshire, Gloucestershire and Worcestershire). This region has a rich heritage of cider & perry making, and has more orchards than anywhere else in the UK.  We provide a friendly and educational platform for new or existing cider makers to learn more about technical, commercial and legislational aspects of the cider industry.

Where to buy trees in Gloucestershire

  • Lodge Farm Trees sells around 50 Gloucestershire varieties of apple plus pears, cherries, medlar and quince.  The nursery have been working closely with the Gloucestershire Orchard Trust and are currently propagating old rare apple, pear and plum varieties originating from the Gloucestershire area. Lodge Farm, Rockhampton, Berkeley, Gloucestershire, GL13 9DY. 01454 260310

  • Day’s Cottage Apple Juice  – (Helen Brent-Smith and Dave Kaspar) – propagate old and unusual varieties of apple and pear trees, specialising in local Gloucestershire varieties. Day’s Cottage, Upton Lane, Brookthorpe, Gloucestershire, Gl4 0UT. 01452 813602

  • Sarah Juniper – supplies Gloucestershire varieties as well as being an identifier, offering workshops and supplying a display of apple varieties for Apple Day events. The Apple Factor, 109 Woodmancote, Dursley GL14 4AH. 01453 545675

  • Tom the Apple Man – Tom Adams grows a range of heritage varieties traditionally grown along the English/Welsh borderland, from Cheshire down to Gloucestershire, plus other varieties that show resistance to scab and canker that grow well in the English/Welsh borders region. Trees are grown without the use of chemicals and natural methods of pest control. The nursery is full of wild flowers and herbs that attract predatory insects and birds such as blue tits that feed on aphids. A grafting service is available. Email

  • Walcot Organic Nursery – The county of Gloucestershire is well known for its plum growing particularly along the lower reaches of the River Severn south of Gloucester and into the Forest of Dean. Some of the varieties are very local to certain parts of the county and as a result are dwindling in number. At the request of Gloucestershire Orchard Trust (GOT) the nursery are growing a small selection. Also offer apples, pears, plums, gages and quinces

  • The Tree Life Centre – is a community tree nursery in Kingswood, Bristol. Fruit trees, native trees, wildflowers and edible plants of local provenence are grown organically by volunteers. They have many interesting local heritage apple varieties for sale with different root stocks.0117 960 5447


Orchard services and produce in Gloucestershire

  • Gregg's Pit Cider and Perry – Since 1994, Gregg's Pitt have been producing real single variety and carefully blended Herefordshire cider and perry, using wild yeast and natural, slow fermentation, with fruit harvested from their traditional standard orchards. They harness traditional methods using an ancient stone press dating from the 18th century. A product that works with nature, from orchards that support wildlife. The pomace (pulp) is fed to neighbouring Hereford cattle, and wastewater is recycled. All of their products have Protected Geographical Indications.

  • Days Cottage Apple Juice – made with apples from traditional, mature orchards in Gloucestershire. The fruit comes only from unsprayed orchards and dozens of varieties are used, some unique to the county, such as Taynton Codlin, Flower of the West and Underleaves. Traditional ciders and perry are fermented and matured in oak barrels. Once again, only old varieties are used, including Morgan Sweet and Foxwhelp apples and Brown Bess and Blakeney Red pears. During the fruit season (September-December) also a unique range of heritage and Gloucestershire varieties and apples, pears, plums and more. Day’s Cottage, Upton Lane, Brookthorpe, Gloucestershire, Gl4 0UT 01452 813602

  • Cotswolds Choice and Gloucestershire Local Food and Drink Directory – details of food, drink and natural products which are grown, reared or sourced in Gloucestershire and the Cotswolds including fruit, cider and perry.

  • Hayles Fruit Farm sell around 15 apple varieties, plus pears, plums from their own orchards, plus cobnuts, apple and pear juice and cider. Winchcombe, Cheltenham, Gloucestershire, GL54 5PB, 01242 603320

  • Orchards Cider & Perry Co – Traditionally crafted cider and perry produced in the village of Brockweir located in the Wye Valley. The fruits are collected from near by orchards, some of which are very old containing some interesting and rare varieties of full standard trees. Orchard’s cider and Perry Co was the first maker in Gloucestershire to be awarded with “Protection of Geographical Indication Certificate of Conformity” by Herefordshire Environmental Health & Trading Standards Service for Gloucestershire Perry, Gloucestershire Dry, Medium and Sweet Cider. The cider and perry is sold locally in restaurants, pubs, and shops.

  • Priors Tipple Cider – produce draught and bottled cider using traditional methods. Many of their orchards consist of extremely old, large standard type trees, some dating back to Victorian times. Available online and through a wide range of local stockists.

  • Ragmans Farm – A 60 acre farm in the Forest of Dean run on permaculture principles that is primarily about educating and employing people to work the land sustainably, giving them the opportunity to ‘learn on the job’, as well as producing wholesome food for local markets. The Apple Juice is made from unsprayed fruit from orchards in the Forest of Dean and Herefordshire, apples picked by hand . The juice is sold through farmers’ markets and shops in Gloucestershire and Herefordshire and online.


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Somerset and cider share the same breath – over 156 varieties of apple are recorded as having a connection with the county. Yet over 50% of Somerset’s orchards have gone in the last 50 years. Glastonbury was called Avalon, ‘The Isle of Apples’ by Iron Age people.

“Most varieties of cider apple remain fairly local in their distribution, some living and dying quite unknown beyond a farm or village” Liz Copas, The Somerset Pomona.

Most of the orchards are of cider apple trees – comprising tall, well-spaced trees with are usually undergrazed with sheep or cattle. Cider apples have special qualities. They are broken down into groups such as ‘sharps’ which are apples of high acidity and low tannin. A typical example is the variety Frederick which produces a deep red cider. Other groups are the ‘bittersharps’ with varieties such as the famous Kingston Black and Stoke Red, ‘bittersweets’ are high in tannin – Yarlington Mill, Dabinet and Hangydown are good examples. ‘Sweets’ include Court Royal and Sweet Coppin. These can be blended to give the desired taste, though there is an increasing tendency for single variety ciders now.

Somerset orchard groups

To find community orchards local to you, see our community orchard map

  • South West of England Cider Makers Association is a group dedicated to supporting the needs of professional cider makers and apple growers in the South West region

  • Orchardshare – A community group, run by volunteers who work to conserve and maintain orchards to supply locally grown apples around Bath, UK


Where to buy trees in Somerset

  • Chew Valley Trees – 25 varieties of apples on various rootstocks, pears, plums, cherries, damson, quince. Nursery open. Online ordering and delivery service available. Winford Road, Chew Magna, Bristol BS40 8HJ 01275 333752

  • Cider Apple Trees – Over 130 varieties of cider apple trees available and 60 eating and culinary varieties. Also plums, pears and damsons. Specialise in supplying standard apple trees.  Call Sarah Whittick on 07765 771184 or email

  • Habitat Aid Ltd – Online shop, supplying native British trees, plants and seeds, sourced from small British nurseries, growers and harvesters. Half of the profits to specialist charities. A wide variety of orchard and nut trees available. Varieties originating in South West of apple, mazzard cherry and pear available from supplier nursery in Yorkshire. 01749 812355

  • John Worle – Our nurseries specialised in the propagation of cider apple and perry pear trees, we supplied a large selection of first class trees of exceptional value and of interest to the artisan or craft cider-maker as well as varieties for the grower supplying the larger cider companies. Through the lifetime of our nurseries we provided over one million trees.


Orchard services and produce in Somerset

  • Dowding’s have 4ha of traditional orchards in south-east Somerset as part of their organic farm. They grow mainly eating and cooking apples with some cider apples, and harvest from other local orchards and back garden fruit trees. Their produce includes pure artisan apple juices and ciders sold through local outlets, online, and at local events.

  • Somerset Cider and Apple Juice Map – Map leaflet showing locations and contact details of 26 cider and 4 apple juice producers in Somerset. Gives a brief history of cider making, features the cider making year, lists cider apple varieties and provides links to further information.

  • Bere Cider Company  make cider and apple juice from apples collected from both their own and neighbouring farms’ traditional orchards. Woodpecker Lodge, Bere, Aller, Langport, TA10 OQX. 01458 250166

  • Black Rat Cider is produced in Somerset for Moles Brewery of Melksham, Wiltshire. It is produced traditionally in a family Somerset cider farmhouse using a blend of locally grown apples

  • Bridge Farm Cider use their own apples and those from other local orchards. Available from the farm in summer and at local farmers’ markets. Also produce apple juice and cider brandy. East Chinnock, nr Yeovil BA22 9EA. 01935 862387

  • Charlton Orchards – sell traditional varieties of fruit. 30 varieties of apples are available. Also soft fruit, plums, damsons, pears, pumpkins and squash. 10 single variety apple juices. Apples and squash available via mail order. Creech St Michael TA3 5PF. 01823 412959

  • Pennard Organic Wines and Ciders – Avalon Vineyard –  produce organic English wines and fruit wines including plum, elderberry and apple, mead, fruit liqueurs and cider all organic certified. The cider is made using straw on an ancient hand turned cider press. Available in the Vineyard shop, some local shops and online. Avalon Vineyard,  The Drove, East Pennard, Shepton Mallet BA4 6UA. 01749 860393

  • Ermie & Gertie’s Apple Juice & Cider – Small scale cider makers . They also make ice creams and sorbets including Apple and Cider Brandy sorbet.

  • Hecks Farmhouse Cider – Somerset cider, including single variety ciders, perry & 12 varieties of apple juice. Chris & Andrew Hecks: 9-11 Middle Leigh, Street, BA16 0LB. 01458 442367

  • North Perrott Fruit Farm – Apple, plums and pears from the farm shop. PYO apples July-Oct. Farm produced 29 different single variety apple juices widely available locally.

  • The Orchard Pig – Apple juice and cider makers using fruit from their traditional cider orchard and nearby orchards. The orchard is home to Old Spots (Orchard Pigs).  West Bradley Orchard, West Bradley, Nr Glastonbury BA6 8LT.

  • Perry’s Cider Mills – Cider farm and museum. Single variety (Dabinett,Morgan Sweet and Somerset Redstreak) cider,  farmhouse ciders and apple juice produced. Farm shop or online shop. Dowlish Wake, Ilminster TA19 0NY.

  • The Bailiff’s Cottage – Over 100 different varieties of English Apple Juice. Also ciders and cider vinegar, perry, plum juice, and pear juice sold at Bath Farmers’ Market and others. Contact Keith Goverd. The Green, Compton Dando, BS39 4LE. 01761 490624

  • Rich’s Farmhouse Cider – family run business offering a range of farmhouse ciders and farmpressed apple juice. Available from the Cider Farm Shop and Cider Press Restaurant. Rich’s have been producing cider for more than 50 years, and in 2000 planted a new orchard of 500 standard cider apple trees. Mill Farm, Watchfield, Nr Highbridge TA9 4RD. 01278 783651

  • Sheppy’s Cider – Rural life museum and cider farm centre, guided tours of the 55 acre orchards. You can visit the cellars and modern press room. Produce cider including single varieties, cider with honey, fruit cider and apple juice. Three Bridges, Bradford on Tone TA4 1ER. 01823 461233

  • Somerset Cider Vinegar – Made from pure Somerset cider apple juice.

  • The Somerset Distillery & Burrow Hill Cider – Farmhouse cider and cider brandy distilled from Somerset apples and matured for up to 20 years in small oak barrels. Burrow Hill, Kingsbury Episcopi, Martock TA12 6BU. 01460 240782

  • Torre Cider Farm produce apple juice, cider vinegar and cider made from traditional varieties in their own and other local orchards. Also other local produce, and a café. 01984 640004.

  • Thatchers Cider – Produce cider using various varieties including Katy, Cox’s, Tremlett’s bitter, Yarlington Mill, Dabinett and Somerset Redstreak. Have 370 acres of orchard and have developed hedgerow planting. Farm shop or buy online. Myrtle Farm, Sandford, Winscombe BS25 5RA.  01934 822862


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Wiltshire orchard groups

To find community orchards local to you, see our community orchard map

This gazeteer is regularly updated. This section currently has no listings, please contact us if you have information to add.


Where to buy trees in Wiltshire

  • Landford Trees – offer around 30 varieties of apple, plus cherry, medlar, damsons, mulberry, plum, pear and quince. Landford Lodge, Landford, Salisbury, Wiltshire SP5 2EH. 01794 390808


Orchard services and produce in Wiltshire

  • a’Beckett’s Vineyard – The Langham Family Vineyard produces sparkling and still wines along with cider and apple juice. There is a 800 tree orchard comprising dessert, culinary, cider apples and perry pears. Trees are 20-60 years old and the orchards are organically managed. They run a community apple pressing scheme. On site shop and online shop. High Street, Littleton Panell, Devizes SN10 4EN. 01380 816669

  • The Cotswold Cider Company – Rory Souter makes cider using ‘vintage’ cider apple varieties from the local area. The Mill House, Coleshill, Swindon SN6 7PT. 07979 957136

  • My Apple Juice provide a community apple juicing service from their base at Warren Farm. Many people who have more apples than they want back as juice – kindly bring along their extra fruit anyway so it does not go to waste.  They then bottle, pasteurise and label – and sell on to people who would like locally grown, minimally processed & transported apple juice.  They also sell Elderflower cordial  from elderflowers collected within a 400 m radius. Warren Farm, Savernake Forest, Marlborough, Wiltshire SN8 3BQ.


Other links

  • My Apple Juice – have  provided an apple & pear pressing service since 2009, now from their base near Hungerford. They are driven by the fact that most apples in private gardens go to waste. Many people  have more apples than they want as juice but kindly bring us their extra fruit to reduce waste. These can be bottled, pasteurised and labelled for local fundraising groups who then profit from a minimally processed, healthy, locally grown and produced product. They also sell raw Apple Cider Vinegar, and Elderflower cordial from elderflowers collected within a 400 m radius of their home. The press is at: The Cider Barn, Hungerford Park, Inkpen Road, Hungerford Berkshire RG17 0RT 01488 686976

  • Wiltshire Apples provide an apple juicing service with two drop off points – 129, Berwick Bassett, SN4 9NF or Home Farm House, Mildenhall, Marlborough, SN8 2LR.

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