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The Orchard Network has partnered with renowned poet and author, James Crowden. We are pleased to bring a series of poems read by the poet himself.


An annual celebration of fruit trees, flowers and food. See buzzing pollinators, eat and drink tasty orchard products, and enjoy the fresh spring air.

Few British sights are as uplifting or evocative as fruit tree boughs heavy with spring blossom, and nowhere is this more in evidence than in orchards. Partly man-made and partly natural, orchards are a meeting point of both worlds.

The Orchard Network have launched a new annual celebration called Orchard Blossom Day. Centred around the last week of April, sites across the country are hosting events with activities like tours, produce fairs, picnics and practical crafts. Get ideas for your own Day from the activity ideas and planning toolkit linked below.

Follow the links below to the map to find a participating site near you.

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Cherry flower.jpg

Blossom is to spring what a swallow is to summer

Damson blossom.jpg

See the Orchard Blossom Day map

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Put your own Orchard Blossom Day venue on the map


The blossom calendar

"For what is more lovely than the bloom of orchard trees in April and May... In an old orchard how pictorial are the lines of the low-leaning apple-trunks and the swing and poise of their upper branches... But the younger orchard has its beauty too, of fresh, young life and wealth of bloom and bounteous bearing"

Gertrude Jekyll, 1899

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