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Events and training

Opportunities to join upcoming events or training - online or in-person.

Let us know if you have anything planned and we can add it here.

Follow the links to sign up - most events are not hosted by UK Orchard Network.

Everyone appreciates the tranquil setting of an orchard, but why are they so valuable and important to us? After years of decline, there is now increasing interest in conserving and expanding our orchard heritage.

Planning and setting out an orchard can be daunting when all you have is an empty field, or maybe overgrown patch of land with some aging fruit trees.

To get the best out of your fruit trees, the orchard will benefit from a certain amount of attention. Throughout the year there are things to look for and manage – the winter planting and pruning, the spring mulching, the summer mowing or grazing and control of scrub, pests and diseases.

The Autumn harvest offers opportunities for celebrating, storing, sharing or selling the crop. There is also a wide range of processes and equipment that can convert apples, pears and plums to make fruit juice, cider, vinegar and many other delicious products.

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