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Our mission


Halt and start to reverse the decline of orchard crop and wildlife biodiversity across the British Isles

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Promote a wider understanding of the value of orchards and our traditional fruit/nut trees and varieties to benefit wildlife, humans and our heritage


Build strong relationships between interested organisations, to develop, share and protect related knowledge and skills, and identify opportunities for scientific research


Provide a focal point for policy development and government agency engagement


Encourage best practices in the management of orchards, fruit/nut trees and their genetic resources diversity

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Identify and pursue opportunities for improved conservation and protection

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Provide support and advice regarding the retention, maintenance and planting of orchards and fruit/nut trees

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Find out more about the Orchard Network

What is the Orchard Network?

The UK Orchard Network is a partnership of organisations throughout the British Isles, working together to actively promote the conservation of orchard fruit and nut trees and their varieties, and in their many forms; as individual trees, traditional, garden, and other orchards, and conserve the orchard habitat’s biodiversity. These pages can be used to share knowledge about orchards including orchard events, training, protection, news, resources, services and community orchards.

If you are interested in joining as a stakeholder group or body, please see the subscription information here. Email for more information or to arrange a chat. The group is led by an elected board, secretary and chairperson.

You can list any project, website, group, service, event, community orchard or other relevant item of interest on these pages please let us know and we’ll link to you.

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