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Orchard groups, produce and services in London.

“Walk around Dartmouth Park, near Highgate in north London in late April and you can see, through gaps between the houses, mature pear trees in full bloom…When the houses were built in the second half of the 19th century, could they have been built around an existing orchard, or did new residents all decide to plant pears? Either way the neighbourhood is alight with blossom each spring, and in glut years trays of pears marked “help yourself” appear at gateways,”.

 Taken from the Common Ground Book of Orchards.

London orchard groups

To find community orchards local to you, see our community orchard map

  • The Orchard Project – work in partnership with communities to plant, manage, restore and harvest orchards in urban areas. Provide support for community orchards and run training events. Provides guides and advice. Hosts a map of the orchards in London.

  • The Orchard Project Cider House events calendar – Fancy getting hands-on and learning how to make craft cider the traditional way?Help to bottle and label our London Apple Juice; learn we make our Local Fox Cider; get hands-on experience at each stage of the process including making your own juice the traditional way using our apple press.There is always music, good company, free cider and some delicious organic snacks from the wonderful Clearspring!

  • London Glider collect unwanted fruit from gardens and use it to make quality cider and perry.


Where to buy trees in London


Orchard services and produce in London

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