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Orchard groups, produce and services nationally.

Other links

  • Pick-Your-Own farms - website with a map and catalogue of PYO sites.

  • Rent-a-tree - If you have an orchard and would like to sell or offer your crop for free, Rent-a-tree can help you find your market. Likewise, if you are looking for fruit to pick, this is the place to go.

  • Brogdale Farm – One of the best and most reliable ways to identify fruit varieties is to get help from Brogdale Farm, home of the British National Fruit Collection in Kent. Identification costs £20 per sample

  • FruitWatch - A citizen science project designed to identify how climate change is impacting both the timing of fruit tree flowering and pollinator flight. This could reduce both pollination and fruit production. Sign up to help us understand how fruit trees are changing flowering dates across the UK.

  • Pollination compatibility checker – A handy little tool created by Ashridge Trees nursery that you can use to find the best pollination partners

  • Plant Heritage maintain large lists of fruit varieties and their locations

  • Natural England – Delivers an agri-environment scheme which provides funding to farmers and other land managers in England. Hosts a full suit of habitat and land designation maps on MAGIC

  • RHS – The Royal Horticultural Society have had strong links with orchards and fruit since its inception in 1804. They recognise plants and fruit varieties with Awards of Garden Merit.

  • The National Trust, as the UK’s second largest landowner, has many orchards under its purview, many of which are associated with historic buildings and landscapes, and hold a huge selection of varieties.

  • FruitID is the place to go to find information about varieties and try to identify an unknown fruit.

  • Vigo presses – popular vendor of quality hobby equipment and consumables for juicing and cider making production as well as for preserving garden produce, and orchard management, including new Juice and Strain equipment

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