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Welcome to the Orchard Network

The Orchard Network is a partnership of organisations working together for the conservation of orchards across the British Isles. This is a set of resources that include information about ways to protect, support and get involved with orchard and fruit heritage and production, and help conserve the wildlife that orchards support.

Find out about orchard projects in the UK, community orchards, events, nurseries, orchard services in your area, or where to pick local fruit.

“The beauty of fruit flowers is matched by the promise of fruit to come. Goodness for the eyes and mouth, what’s not to like and to encourage the UK to produce more fruit!” Tim Lang, Prof Emeritus of Food Policy

“…the Natural World is essential to us, not in the obvious sense of our dependence on it and being a part of it, but because its shapes patterns and beauty…speaks to us and gives us a sense of wellbeing at our core…beauty is not an extra in life, it gives it meaning. For me Orchard Blossom Day is a really important event awakening people each year to not only beauty but the magnificent resurgence of life every year. It is, in truth, what happiness is about” Sir Tim Smit, 

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